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[[Image:Prosphora.jpg|thumb|Slavic-style prosphora]]
'''Prosphora''' (Greek for "offering") is bread prepared for use in the [[Divine Liturgy]].  A portion of it, known as the ''lamb'' (or ''amnon'') is cut out during the [[proskomedia]] which is consecrated during the Divine Liturgy to be the [[Eucharist]], while the rest is cut up for the [[antidoron]], the blessed bread distributed at the end of the liturgy.
During its preparation, prosphora is stamped with an image usually including '''IC XC NIKA''' ("Jesus Christ conquers"), which is maintained during baking and then serves as a guide for cutting out the lamb during the proskomedia.  Prosphora can vary in size and stamp in different traditions.  Generally, the Slavic traditions use smaller prosphora with a simpler stamp, while the Byzantine ones use larger ones with a more complex stamp.
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*[http://www.prosphora.org Prosphora.org], a useful site full of recipes and lore, maintained by Fr. George Aquaro of the [[Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America|Antiochian Archdiocese]]:  "The only place on the World Wide Web devoted exclusively to Orthodox Christian Holy Bread."
*[http://oca.org/QA.asp?ID=108&SID=3 Leavened Bread vs. Unleavened] from the [[OCA]] website
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