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Commemorated by the Holy Church on the 17th of Decemeber

Daniel as Prophet

Christ refers to Daniel as a prophet in mark 13:14 and in Matthew 24:15.

the name "Daniel"

The name Daniel in Hebrew means "God is my Judge" or "God is judging".


-- > St Epiphanios comments about David's background (to be expanded).

  • ca. 604 BC to 536 BC - the seventy years of the Babylonian exile of the Jews.
  • 559 BC - Cyrus the Persian's reign begins.
  • 556 BC
  1. [Daniel 10:1-3] - Daniel (or Baltasar) commences a three week Passover fast held in the first month and in Jerusalem according to Deut. 16:5-6.
  2. [Daniel 10:4-7] - Daniel has a vision on the 24th day of that month of the prefiguration of the Incarnation of Christ.
  • 539 BC - Darius Mede begins his reign over the Chaldean kingdom (Babbylon had been taken by the Medes and Persians under Cyrus in the year 539-538).

[Daniel 9:1-3]

  • 539 BC to 536 BC - the Prophet prays for the people.
  • 536 BC - Babylonian exile of Jews is completed.
  • 530 BC (ca.529 BC) - Cyrus the Persian dies in August.

Overview of his Life

Overview on 'some' content from his prophecies

  • The Vision of the Four Beasts [Dan 7]
  • The Son of Man, the Ancient of Days [Dan 7]

Sequence of OT Prophets

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