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Commemorated by the Holy Church on the 17th of Decemeber

the Holy Prophet Daniel

the name "Daniel"

The name Daniel in Hebrew means "God is my Judge" or "God is judging".


-- > St Epiphanios comments about David's background (to be expanded).

  • ca. 604 BC to 536 BC - the seventy years of the Babylonian exile of the Jews.
  • 559 BC - Cyrus the Persian's reign begins.
  • 556 BC

- [Daniel 10:1-3] - Daniel (Baltasar) commences the Passover fast held in the first month and in Jerusalem (Deut. 16:5-6)? - [Daniel 10:4-7] - Daniel has a vision of the prefiguration of the Incarnation of Christ.

  • 539 BC - Darius Mede begins his reign over the Chaldean kingdom (Babbylon had been taken by the Medes and Persians under Cyrus in the year 539-538).

[Daniel 9:1-3]

  • 539 BC to 536 BC - the Prophet prays for the people.
  • 536 BC - Babylonian exile of Jews is completed.
  • 530 BC (ca.529 BC) - Cyrus the Persian dies in August.

Overview of his Life

Overview on 'some' content from his prophecies

  • The Vision of the Four Beasts [Dan 7]
  • The Son of Man, the Ancient of Days [Dan 7]

Sequence of OT Prophets

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