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'''''Proistamenos''''' (from Greek, "the one who presides") is the title of the [[priest]] or [[bishop]] who is in charge of a [[parish]] or in an administrative leadership position in a theological [[seminary]] or academy.  It is Biblical in origin, coming from [[Romans]] 12:8, sometimes translated as "the one who governs" or "the leader."
Less commonly, '''''rector''''' (from Latin, ''regere'', "to rule") is used in some [[jurisdiction]]s to mean roughly the same thing.  '''''Predstoyatel''''' is the Russian translation of ''proistamenos''.
==External links==
*[[w:Rector|''Rector'' at Wikipedia]]
*[http://www.holy-trinity.org/ecclesiology/hierarchyandlaity.html Hierarchy and Laity in the Orthodox Church] by Fr. [[John Meyendorff]]

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