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[[Image:Romanian_skete.jpg|thumb|300px|right|St. John the Baptist Skete on Mount Athos.]]
Belonging to the abbey of the [[Great Lavra (Athos)|Great Lavra]], the Romanian '''Skete of Saint John the Baptist''' is perched upon a low rocky hill located between [[Kavsokalyvia Skete (Athos)|Kavsokalyvia Skete]] and the Lavra itself. Prior to 1857 it existed as a Greek cell but after being sold to Romanian [[monk]]s Nekatarios and Niphon it became recognized as a skete. Its architectural design is typically Athonite with buildings rectangularly shaped around a central courtyard.
The library consists of 5000 printed books and 130 manuscripts, primarily in Romanian language.
There are 25 monks in residence.
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*[http://www.worldisround.com/articles/77133/photo39.html Photos at Worldisround]
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