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[[Category: Patriarchs of Jerusalem]]
[[Category: Patriarchs of Jerusalem]]
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[[Category: Bishops of Caesarea]]
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His Beatitude, Procopius I of Jerusalem was the Patriarch of the Church of Jerusalem from 1787 to 1788.


Panagiotis Sysmanis was born in the first decades of the eighteenth century in Zagoras, Greece. After completing his early education at the school in Zagoras associated with its Library of Zagoras, Panagiotis traveled to Constantinople looking for a better life. After several years in Constantinople, he moved to Moldavia where he entered a monastery and was tonsured a monk with the name Procopius. Later, he entered the Holy Orders and became the abbot of the monastery of the Holy Sepulchre, also called Galata, near Iasi in what is now Romania.

Later Procopius moved to Jerusalem, where on December 12, 1775 he was consecrated bishop of Caesarea. His consecration took place in the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem, with the Bishop Anthimos of Skythoupoleios and Archbishops Jeremiah and Jacob Lyda Strip officiating. Bp. Procopius served the see of Caesarea for twelve years. During his service in Palestine, Bp. Procopius established the so-called Patriarchal School of Jerusalem which he modeled after the school in Zagoras.

After the repose of Patriarch Abraham II of Jerusalem, Bp. Procopius was installed on the Patriarchal throne of Jerusalem on November 2, 1787. At the time he became patriarch, Patr. Procopius was an aged man, but he was also looked upon as a man with a strong intellect and outstanding piety. Conscience of his advanced age and realizing his inability to respond to the difficult requirements of the patriarchal throne that were being undermined by Latin Propaganda, Patr. Procopius worked to ensure the timely election of his successor. As his successor he proposed Bp. Anthimos, the bishop who had enthroned him as Bishop of Caesarea. After Bp. Anthimos accepted the plan, Patr. Procopius resigned on October 24, 1788, and a month later Bp. Anthimos was installed as patriarch. Patr. Procopius reposed a few days later.

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