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This page is for the compilation of '''Orthodox pro-life resources'''. There is a lot of information elsewhere on the web. Let's keep this page as Orthodox-specific as possible.
==Educational resources==
==Orthodox speakers==
*[[Frederica Mathewes-Green]]
*[http://www.orthodoxspeakers.com/vera%20faith%20lord.htm Vera Faith Lord]
==Orthodox organizations==
*[http://www.unborn.gr/ Association for the Protection of the Unborn Child] (Greek:  Σύλλογος Προστασίας Αγέννητου Παιδιού)
*[http://www.oclife.org/ Orthodox Christians for Life]
*[http://www.oclife-chicago.org/ OC-Life Chicago]
*[ Oklahoma Orthodox Christians For Life]
*[http://www.pms.orthodoxy.ru/zhizn/english/index.htm Zhizn] - The Medical Educational Pro-Life Center "LIFE" ("ZHIZN") Moscow, Russia
==Other internet resources==
* [http://xcthesavior.org/8 Christ the Savior Sanctity of Life Resources]
* [http://htaoc.com/parish/ministries/prolife.html Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church Pro-life ministry page]
* [http://aggreen.net/pro-life/pro-life.html Orthodox Christians are Pro-Life] - from AGGreen.net
==Articles, essays, and books==
*[http://www.antiochian.org/1178 Abortion: An Orthodox View] by Mary Pier (Jan. '01)
*Many Orthodox have signed the [https://www.frc.org/dl/13-nov-04__ef03h01_559022.pdf Building a Culture of Life] statement sponsored by the [http://www.frc.org Family Research Council].
*[http://www.frederica.com/ Frederica.com] - Contains numerous pro-life essays
*[[Harakas]], Father Stanley.  ''For the Health of Body and Soul: An Eastern Orthodox Introduction to Bioethics'', 2002.
==See also==
* [[Abortion]]
* [[Hormonal contraception]]
* [[Stem cell research]]
* [[Human cloning]]

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