Philothei of Athens

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Saint Philothei of Athens is commemorated by the Church on February 19.

The name "Philothei"

The name 'Philothei' is Greek and means 'friend of God'.

Her parents

Her father was Angelo Venizelos and her mother was called Syriga.

Angelo Venizelos.
Many of his family survive in Athens today. The 'Venizelos' name was known for its nobility and wealth.
She was barren. One day she entered the Church of the Mother of God and prayed for a long time with fervor. She fells asleep and had a vision in which the magnificent and radiant light emitted from the icon of the theotokos and entered her womb. When she awoke, she decided that this vision meant her request to have a child would be fulfilled.

Overview of her life

  • Philothei of Athens was born in the year 1522 in the city of Athens and named 'Revoula' (Regoula or Regille).
  • When she was twelve years old, she was courted by a leading man in the city (nobleman).
She was pressured into marriage out of duty to the family honour and inheritance. Once married, this man turned out to be cruel and somewhat inhuman. He would inflict her with various punishments.
  • After three years, her husband passed away.