Philogonius of Antioch

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Our father among the saints Philogonius of Antioch was Bishop of Antioch from 314 to 324. He was one of the first Church leaders to assail the evils of Arianism. He is commemorated of December 20.


Philogonius was born in Antioch during the third century. He was educated for the law and practiced it with great success. While he was admired for his eloquence, he was esteemed for his integrity and sanctity of his life as he defended the poor, widowed, and orphaned. During the stormy times that the Church experienced under the emperors Maximin II and Licinius during the late third and early fourth centuries, the persecutions and imprisonment suffered by Philogonius earned him his title of Confessor.

After the death of his wife, Philogonius entered the Church. In view of his upright life and profound theological knowledge, Philogonius was chosen Bishop of Antioch, as an exception to the canons that required his having experience as a priest beforehand. He became bishop of Antioch after the death of Bp. Vitalius I in 314.

After Arius had expounded his heresy in Alexandria and was condemned by Bp. Alexander of Alexandria, Bp. Alexander communicated the sentence to Philogonius by a synodal letter. Philogonius immediately took notice and vigorously defended the Orthodox faith, and thus prevented unrest in the Church in Antioch.

St. Philogonius died peacefully in about the year 324, leaving a legacy that inspired St. John Chrysostom to write an eulogy for St Philogonius in 386.

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Philogonius of Antioch
Preceded by:
Vitalius I
Bishop of Antioch
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Paulinus of Tyre
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