Petroniu Tănase

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Fr. Petroniu

Protosingelus Petroniu (Tănase) was a monk of the Romanian-speaking Skete of St. John the Baptist, more commonly known as Prodromou, on Mount Athos. Born in Fărcasa, Neamts County, in 1914, Fr. Petroniu spent his early years in Romania, studying theology, mathematics, and philosophy while also becoming a monk at the renowned Neamts Monastery. Longing for a deeper spiritual life Fr. Petroniu left Romania for the Holy Mountain in 1978. He served as the Skete's librarian before, in 1985, being elected abbot of Prodromou. Following his retirement and replacement by Hieromonk Atanasie (Floroiu) in early 2011 Fr. Petroniu fell asleep in the Lord on February 22, 2011.

Upon learning of Fr. Petroniu's repose Metropolitan Theophan of Iaşi, Moldavia, and Bukovina of the Romanian Orthodox Church wrote that, "The Lord God has called to Himself one of the most beautiful flowers that appeared in the last century on Romanian soil. His whole life was a continuous sacrifice in the spirit of prayer...we hope that the fire of [his] prayer for us in the world will be even more intense after the departure of Fr. Petroniu to eternity. He leaves behind the monks of Moldavia and the earth, the crying fathers of Athos...we all complain, but "not as those without hope." Fr. Petroniu, crucified through humility throughout his life, now rests in the light of the crucified and risen."


"The poison of sin cannot be cut with sweet-smelling water; the medicine must be strong, not by half-measure...if you liked the false sweetness of sin, then you ought to taste the bitter cure. As the patient suffers surgery, cutting, bitter remedies, knowing that they bring much-needed health, so we endure the labors of Job...[so that] we are worthy of the uninterrupted joy of the eternal Pascha."

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