Peter I (Petrovic) of Cetinje

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Our father amoung the saints Petar I (Petrović Njegoš) of Cetinje (Свети Петар Цетињски) was Serbian Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro and Litoral from 1785 to 1830.


Peter was born on April 1, 1749, in the village of Njeguši. His parents were Marko and Marija Petrović. Metropolitan Sava Petrović was his uncle. He entered the monastic order at the age of twelve. Following the death of Metropolitan Arsenije in 1784, Peter was elected Metropolitan and ruler of Montenegro. He was ordained October 13, 1785 by Metropolitan Mojsije Putnik and three other bishops in Sremski Karlovci. This glorious man dedicated his entire holy life to his people. He worked with all his strength to reconcile the quarreling clans of Montenegro, and strove mightily to defend the land and people from greedy aggressors. He succeeded in both tasks. He is especially glorified for his victory over Napoleon's army in Boka and Dalmatia. He was very strict with himself, and with everyone else he was just and condescending. Peter lived in a small cell like a simple monk even though he was a prince over the people. He reposed on October 18, 1830. His miracle-working relics repose, incorrupt, in the Monastery of Cetinje. The Lord glorified him in the heavens and on earth as His faithful and long-suffering servant. Before death he apointed his nephew Radivoje for new Metropolitan. St.Petar was canonised 4 years after death. Metropolitan of Belgrade Mihailo wrote Service to Saint Petar of Cetinje 1895.

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Peter I (Petrovic) of Cetinje
Preceded by:
Arsenije I Plamenac
Metropolitan of Montenegro and Litoral
Succeeded by:
Petar II Petrović Njegoš
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