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Peter II of Alexandria

Peter II of Alexandria was the Pope of Alexandria from 373 to 381 as the twenty-first bishop of Alexandria. He came into the office during the time Orthodox Christians were still in confrontation with the various heretical Arian parties. Peter had been named by his predecessor, Athanasius of Alexandria, as his successor.

Peter was an ardent foe of Arianism. After he was enthroned Peter was confronted by the Arian Roman emperor Valens who, through his prefect Palladius, had Pope Peter driven from Alexandria. Then, Palladius had Lucius, an strong supporter of Arianism, installed as the leader of the Church of Alexandria. Peter sought refuge with the Bishop of Rome, Damasus I until Lucius and Palladius were forced out of Alexandria. Peter, then, returned to serve until his repose in 381.

Peter II is commemorated by the Coptic Church on Amshir 20, the day of his death.

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Peter II of Alexandria
Preceded by:
Athanasius I
Bishop of Alexandria
Succeeded by:
Timothy I
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