Paulinus of Tyre

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Paulinus of Tyre was the Patriarch of Antioch for about six months in 324 and 325. Before that he was the Bishop of Tyre. He was considered to be a sympathizer of Arius.

Nothing is known of his early life. Paulinus was a presbyter in the Church of Antioch before he became the Bishop of Tyre. According to Jerome, he was elected to the see of Antioch after the death of St. Philogonius in 324. His may have died the following year. His successor Eustathius attended the First Ecumenical Council as bishop of Antioch in 325. [1]

Paulinus was highly regarded by Eusebius of Caesarea who dedicated his Book 10 to him. Arius claimed Paulinus as a sympathizer in his letter to Eusebius of Nicomedia, [2] which appears confirmed as Eusebius felt obliged to admonish Paulinus for not showing greater zeal in the support of the Arian cause. [3]

It should be noted that another Arian known as 'Paulinus of Tyre' succeeded to the see of Antioch in 371.

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Paulinus of Tyre
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