Paul of Tammah

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Abba Paul of Tammah (or Paule El-Tamoohe) lived as a lonely monk in the mount of Ansana of the historical ancient city of Ansana, currently in the Minya governorate of Egypt. He spent his like in lengthy fasts and worship to the extend that the Lord told him " that's enough my beloved Paule." He befriended towards the end of his life Abba Bishoy of Shihat desert, when Abba Bishoy visited the mount of Ansana, where he departed.

Saint Paule departed on the 7th of the Coptic month of Baba, around 415 AD. His body is now in the Monastery of Abba Bishoy in the desert of Shihat. (Until this day, the incorrupt body of Saint Bishoy and the relics of Saint Paule of Tamooh still lie together in the main church of the monastery of Saint Bishoy in Wadi-El-Natroun, Egypt.)


Coptic Orthodox Church Synaxarium (Book of Saints)