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*[[Wikipedia: History_of_Moldova]]  
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His Eminence Pavel II (Lebedev) of Kazan was a hierarch of the Church of Russia during the nineteenth century. Successively, he was in turn the ruling bishop of Kishniece and Khotin, Exarch of Georgia, and Archbishop of Kazan.


Little is known of the life of Abp. Pavel. In 1871, he was assigned as the ruling hierarch in Bessarabia, of the Diocese of Kishniece and Khotin, where he initiated a campaign of Russification of the local Orthodox population. In 1882, he was transferred to Georgia as the Exarch of Georgia. In 1887, he was transferred to the Eparchy of Kazan and Sviyazhsk, trading positions with Abp. Pallady (Raev-Pisarev) as ruling hierarchs. He remained with the Kazan see until 1892.

The date of his repose is unknown.

Succession box:
Paul II (Lebedev) of Kazan
Preceded by:
Anton (Shokotov)
Bishop of Kishniece and Khotin
Succeeded by:
Sergei (Lapidevsky)
Preceded by:
Exarch of Georgia
Succeeded by:
Pallady (Raev-Pisarev)
Preceded by:
Pallady (Raev-Pisarev)
Archbishop of Kazan
Succeeded by:
Vladimir II (Petrov)
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