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*1975: Tonsured Michael Arndt with the name [[Mark (Arndt) of Berlin|Mark]], and ordains him to the diaconate and priesthood.  Fr Mark would become his successor as Bishop of Berlin and All Germany
*1980: Repose of Archbishop [[Theodosius (Putilin) of Sydney|Theodosius of Sydney]].  Bishop Paul conducts the funeral.
*1981 Jan: Arrival in Australia to head diocese.
*1991 Jun 8: Beginning of fatal illness.
*1992 Nov: Left Australia, went to Novo Diveevo Convent
*1995 Feb 15: Repose.  Funeral conducted by Bishop [[Hilarion (Kapral) of Sydney|Hilarion]] of Manhattan and Bishop [[John (Legky) of Rockland|John]] of Rockland.
During tenure of Archbishop Paul of Sydney, the following structures were built:
*Church and residence, at the [[Monastery of Our Lady of Kazan (Kentlyn, Australia)|Our Lady of Kazan Convent]], Kentlyn, NSW.
*Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration, Bombala, NSW.
*St John the Forerunner Church, Canberra, ACT.
*Church of Our Lady's Dormition, Dandenong, Victoria.
*Church of Ss Peter and Paul, Perth, WA.
*School building on grounds of Cathedram of Ss Peter and Paul, Sydney.
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title=Bishop of Berlin and All Germany (ROCOR)|
after=[[Mark (Arndt) of Berlin|Mark (Arndt)]]}}
before=[[Theodosius (Putilin) of Sydney|Theodosius (Putilin)]]|
title=Archbishop of Sydney, Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR)|
after=[[Daniel (Alexandrow) of Erie|Daniel (Alexandrow)]]}}
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*[http://www.rocor.org.au/official/hilarionbio_en.html Official biography] from the [[ROCOR]] Australia and New Zealand website-->

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