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A '''patron saint''' is regarded as the intercessor and advocate in heaven of a nation, place, craft, activity, class, or person. Since the time of the early Christians up to the present, a vast number of patron [[saint]]s have been recorded.
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The following is a list of saints who are often called upon for special purposes.
==Against demons and witchcraft==
* Ss. Cyprian & Justina ([[October 2]])
* St. Mitrophan of Voronezh  ([[November 23]], [[August 7]])
* St. [[Theodore the Sykeote]] ([[April 22]])
==Against drinking==
* Holy Martyr [[Boniface]] & the Righteous Aglais ([[June 5]])
==Against the plague==
* St. Bessarion of the Saviour, Archbishop of Larissa ([[September 15]])
* St. [[Haralambos]] ([[February 10]])
* St. [[Marina of Antioch|Marina the Great Martyr]] ([[July 17]])
==Delivery from sudden death==
* St. Barbara the Great Martyr ([[December 4]])
==For a good end to one's life==
* Holy [[Archangel Michael]] ([[November 8]])
* St. Niphon, Patriarch of Constantinople ([[September 14]])
==For animals and livestock==
* Holy Martyr [[Mamas of Caesarea|Mamas]] ([[September 2]])
* Ss. Speusippus, Eleusippus, and Meleusippus: horses ([[January 16]])
* St. [[George the Trophy-bearer|George]]: cattle & herds ([[April 23]])
* St. Modestus of Jerusalem ([[December 18]])
* St. Parthenius of Radovizlios: cattle ([[July 21]])
* St. Tryphon: geese ([[February 1]])
==For captives and court cases==
* St. [[George the Trophy-bearer|George the Great Martyr]] (April 23)
* St. Onouphrios the Great ([[June 12]])
* St. Peter of Athos (June 12)
* St. [[Simeon the God-receiver|Simeon the God-Receiver]] ([[February 3]])
==For care and protection of infants==
* St. Stylianos ([[November 26]])
==For chastity and help in carnal warfare==
* Holy Martyr Ignatios of Athos ([[October 8]])
* Holy Martyr Theodore the Byzantine ([[February 17]])
* St. Anysia the Virgin Martyr ([[December 30]])
* St. Basil of Mangazea ([[March 23]])
* St. [[Demetrios of Thessaloniki|Demetrios the Great Martyr]] ([[October 26]])
* St. [[John the Forerunner]] ([[August 29]])
* St. John the Much-Suffering  ([[July 18]])
* St. Joseph the All-Comely (the Patriarch; [[Holy Week|Holy Monday]])
* St. Martinian ([[February 13]])
* St. [[Mary of Egypt]] ([[April 1]] and the [[Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt]])
* St. Moses the Hungarian ([[July 26]])
* St. [[Susanna]] ([[Old Testament]]; [[December 17]])
* St. [[Thomais of Alexandria|Thomais]] ([[April 13]] or [[April 14|14]])
==For children==
* St. [[Nicholas of Myra]] ([[December 6]])
==For church chanting ==
* Ss. Leonty and Geronty, Canonarchs of [[Kievo-Pechersk]] ([[July 18]] and April 1)
* St. John Koukouzelis ([[October 1]])
* St. [[Romanos the Melodist]] (October 1)
* St. Theodosius of Chernigov ([[February 5]])
==For cobblers==
* St. Eustathius the Cobbler of Georgia (<!-- also "Eustace of Mtskheta" --->[[July 29]])
==For ears==
* St. [[Spyridon of Trimythous|Spyridon the Wonderworker]] ([[December 12]])
==For eyes==
* St. Lucia of Sicily ([[December 13]])
* St. [[Paraskevi]] ([[July 26]])
==For finding employment==
* St. [[Xenia of St. Petersburg]] ([[January 24]])
==For finding things==
* St. [[Menas]] the Great Martyr of Egypt ([[November 11]])
* St. [[Phanourios]] the Great Martyr ([[August 27]])
==For guilelessness and simplicity==
* Holy [[Apostle Nathaniel]] ([[April 22]])
* St. Paul the Simple ([[March 7]])
==For headaches==
* Holy New Martyr Demas of Smyrna ([[April 10]])
==For help against quick-temper and despondency ==
* St. [[Tikhon of Zadonsk]] ([[August 13]])
==For help in distress or poverty==
* St. [[John of Kronstadt]] ([[December 20]])
* St. [[John the Merciful|John the Almsgiver of Alexandria]] ([[November 12]])
* St. [[Martin of Tours]], the Merciful (November 12)
* St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (December 6)
==For help in studies==
* St. John of Kronstadt (December 20)
* St. [[Justin Martyr|Justin the Philosopher]] ([[June 1]])
* St. Nestor the Chronicler of Kievo-Pechersk ([[October 27]])
* St. [[Sergius of Radonezh]] ([[September 25]])
* [[Three Holy Hierarchs|Three Hierarchs]]: St. Basil the Great, St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregory the Theologian ([[January 30]])
==For hernias and intestinal disorders ==
* Holy Great Martyr Artemius of Antioch ([[October 20]])
* St. [[Artemius of Verkola]] ([[June 23]] and October 20)
==For [[iconographers]]==
* St. Alypius of Kievo-Pechersk ([[August 17]])
* St. [[Apostle Luke|Luke the Apostle]] and Evangelist ([[October 18]])
* St. [[John of Damascus]] ([[December 4]])
==For marital difficulties==
* Holy Martyrs Shamuna, Guria, and Habib ([[November 15]])
* Ss. Peter and Febronia of Muron: also for newlyweds ([[June 25]])
==For meeting a difficult situation==
* Holy [[Archangel Raphael]] ([[November 8]])
* Ss. [[Cosmas and Damian (Arabia)|Cosmas and Damian]] and their brothers Anthimus, Leontius, and Evropius of Arabia ([[October 17]])
* Ss. [[Cosmas and Damian (Asia Minor)|Cosmas and Damian]] and their mother Theodoti of Asia Minor ([[November 1]])
* Ss. [[Cosmas and Damian (Rome)|Cosmas and Damian of Rome]] ([[July 1]])
* Ss. Cyrus and John of Alexandria ([[January 31]])
* Ss. [[Panteleimon]] and Hermolaus ([[July 27]] and [[July 26]])
* St. [[Anicetus and Photius|Anicetus]] ([[August 12]])
* St. [[David]] the Prophet, Psalmist, and King ([[Sunday of the Forefathers]] and the Sunday following the [[Nativity]])
* St. Diomedes the Healer ([[August 16]])
* St. John of Kronstadt (December 20)
* St. Julian the Martyr ([[June 21]])
* St. Mocius ([[May 11]])
* St. [[Nectarios of Aegina]] ([[november 9]])
* St. Thallelaus ([[Church of Armenia|Armenian saint]])
* St. Zoticos the Orphan-Keeper ([[December 30]] or [[December 31|31]])
* The [[Holy Unmercenaries]] and Healers
==For mental disorders==
* St. Anastasia ([[October 12]])
* St. [[Gerasimos of Cephalonia]]: the possessed ([[August 16]])
* St. Naum of Ochrid ([[June 20]])
==For patient endurance of affliction==
* Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebastia: especially in freezing cold weather
* Holy Forty-Two Martyrs of Amorion
* Righteous [[Job the Long-suffering|Job the Much-Suffering]] ([[May 6]])
* St. Eustathius Placidas & Family ([[September 20]])
* St. Pimen the Much-Suffering of Kievo-Pechersk ([[August 7]])
==For perfumers==
* St. Abo the Perfumer of Georgia ([[January 8]])
==For physicians==
* St. Panteleimon (July 27)
* The Holy Unmercenaries
* St Agapit the Physician of Kievo-Pechersk ([[June 1]])
==For protection against thieves==
* St. Gregory the Wonderworker of Kievo-Pechersk ([[January 8]])
==For protection of crops from pests ==
* St. Gerasimos the New Ascetic ([[October 20]])
* St. Michael of Synnada ([[May 23]])
==For protection of gardens against pests==
* Holy Great Martyr Tryphon: also for hunters and Patron of Moscow ([[February 1]])
==For safe childbirth==
* St. Eleutherios ([[August 4]] and [[December 15]])
==For soldiers==
* Holy [[Archangel Michael]] (November 8)
* St. Barbara the Great Martyr (December 4)
* St. [[George the Trophybearer|George]] the Great Martyr
* St. Titus the Soldier of Kievo-Pechersk ([[February 27]])
==For spiritual help, consolation, and compunction==
* St [[Alexios the Man of God]]  ([[March 17]])
* St [[Ephraim the Syrian]]  ([[January 28]])
* St [[Seraphim of Sarov]] ([[January 2]])
==For stone-workers==
* Holy Martyrs Florus and Laurus ([[August 18]])
==For teeth==
* St. Antipas of Pergamum ([[April 11]])
==For the kitchen and home==
* Ss. Spyridon and Nikodim of Kievo-Pechersk: [[Prosphora]] making ([[October 31]])
* St. Euphrosynos the Cook ([[September 11]])
* St. Juliana Lazarevskaya ([[January 2]])
* St. Prochor of Kievo-Pechersk ([[February 10]])
* St. Sergius of Radonezh: for baking (September 25)
==For the throat==
* St. [[Blaise of Sebaste]] ([[February 11]])
==For trading==
* St. Paraskevi (July 26)
==For travelers==
* St. John the Russian: for transport, auto, buses ([[May 27]])
* St. Nicholas: in general, and specifically for sea travel (December 6)
* St. Niphon, Patriarch of Constantinople: for safety at sea ([[August 11]])
==For workers in hospitals==
* Holy [[Unmercenary|Unmercenaries]]
* St. Dositheus, Disciple of Abba Dorotheus ([[February 19]])
==For young people==
* Holy Great Martyr Demetrios the Wonderworker (October 26)
==To have a child==
* St. [[Joachim and Anna|Anna]], Mother of the Theotokos ([[September 9]])
* St. [[Elizabeth]], Mother of the Forerunner ([[September 5]])
* St. [[Irene Chrysovalantou|Irene]] of Chrysovolantou ([[July 28]])
* St. [[Sabbas the Sanctified]] of Palestine ([[December 5]])
* St. [[Simeon the Myrrh-flowing|Symeon the Myrrh-streamer]], father of St. Savva of Serbia ([[February 13]])
*[http://www.theologic.com/oflweb/inhome/pray2sts.htm Saints Called upon for Special Purposes]
==See also==
*[[Name day]]
[[el:Προστάτης άγιος]]

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