Papa-Nicholas (Planas) of Athens

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St. Nicholas (Planas) (1851-1932), was officially recognized as a saint by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in 1992. His feast day is celebrated on March 2. He is often referred to as Papa Nicholas (Planas).

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Kontakion in the 3rd Tone.

Humble of spirit and pure of heart, illustrious in life and dispassionate of a truth, wast thou, O wise one. Thou didst illumine all by the virtues and dost grant grace unto them that draw nigh unto thee; and by thine intercessions, thou dost heal them that call upon thee, O Father Nicholas.


As a simple shepherd of Christ God's lambs,

thou didst tend thy flock well on the pasture of piety, nourishing their spirits with ceaseless supplications and leading them to Christ, O wise Father Nicholas.

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