Panteleimon (Nizhnik)

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Archimandrite Panteleimon (Nizhnik) was the co-founder of Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville.

Biographical timeline

  • 1895: Peter Adamovich Nizhnik born in Rechitza, Grodenenskaya guberniya, Pruzhansky uezd, Gorodechnyansky volost', to a large, poor family.
  • 1913: Peter's parents wanted to marry him off; however, because Peter did not want to marry at all, he offered to take a common course of going to America and sending money to them from there. Peter's mother, seeing what happened to others who went to America and got rich and athiest, begged her son with tears to "not lose God".
  • 1913: Peter arrived in America and worked in a sugar factory near Chicago, having to work on holidays and Sundays. Peter struggles and maintains prayer.
  • 1914: World War I begins. Rechitza invaded and destroyed, and Peter's relatives are dispersed. Peter suffered many temptations, but was strengthened and learnt to reject temporal contentment.
  • 1917: October Revolution in Russia was a turning point in Peter's life.
  • 1918 Apr 18: At 23, Peter enters St Tikhon's Monastery as a novice.
  • 1920: Peter is tonsured, given the name Panteleimon. He is later ordained to the diaconate.
  • 1921 Apr 10: Hdn Panteleimon ordained to the priesthood. Hmk Panteleimon reflects on the difficulty of living the monastic life, and begins yearning for monastic silence. He met Ivan Andreevich Kolos, who wanted to become a monk. Together, they decided to earn a enough money to buy a plot of land - Hmk Panteleimon beginning work at Sikorsky Airplane Factory, Ivan continuing work at the parish.
  • 1928: Land for monastery is purchased in Jordanville. Hmk Panteleimon continues to work until land paid off. Fr Jacob from St Tikhon's Monastery joins them.
  • 1930 Spring: Hmk Panteleimon quits his job and moves to Jordanville.
  • 1930: Holy Trinity Monastery is established with the blessing of Abp Apollinarius of North America. with 5 brethren (including Hmk Panteleimon).
  • 1935 Pentecost: On the day after Pentecost, the consecration of the church and monastery was held, led by Bp Vitaly (Maximenko). At the end of the Liturgy, smoke was seen at the second floor of the monastic house. In a few hours, everything had burnt to the ground.
  • 1946: After many trials that the monastery was led into, and after the monastery was taken from those trials by God's grace and providence, Archim. Panteleimon ends his abbacy at Holy Trinity Monastery.