Panagia Soumela

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Panagia of Soumela

The name “Soumela” comes from “Stou Mela” (i.e. “at the mount Melas”) and consequently signifies a particular locality in Pontos. This icon bears the name of this historic Monastery and has been kept there for centuries. Yet, according to ancient tradition, the icon is more ancient than the Monastery. It was painted by St Luke the Evangelist and was originally kept in Athens being called “Atheniotissa.” It was brought to Pontos for the sake of safe keeping by two monks, who are also said to be the founders of the Monastery of Soumela, St. Barnabas and St. Sophronios and hence its new name.

Monasteries around the world

  • Panagia Soumela (Pontos, Greece)