Panagia Phaneromene

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Panagia Phaneromene (Gr. Revealed)

List of monasteries

  • Phaneromeni monastery, Aigina (Greece)
The monastery of Phaneromeni lies just behind the exit from the town of Aigina, to the south-east, on the road to Agia Marina bay called Phaneromeni. On the site, the church is a three-aisled basilica, of which the apses are still clearly recognisable. The constructions began sometime in the 13th century, which remained unfinished. The Bishop of Aigina, in the 19th century, lived near this monastery and there remain two underground chapels that can be reached from his garden to a small cave. The icon of Phaneromene is supposed to have been found during the construction of the church in the 13th century in this cave. Today, this estate, its surrounds and the monastery of Phaneromeni belong to the monastery of Chrysoleontissa, which is a little further inland.
  • Phaneromeni monastery, Salamina (Greece)
  • Phaneromeni monastery, Petrovouni, Messinia (Pelopnnesus, Greece)

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