Panagia Pantanassa

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icon of Panagia Pantanassa of Mount Athos
ancient icon of Panagia Pantanassa of Mystras

Panagia Pantanassa the most Holy Queen of All is a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary from the holy and great Monastery of Vatopaidi, Mount Athos, Greece. The icon depicts the Theotokos enthroned and holding her son.

History of the Icon

The holy and miracle working icon of the Virgin Mary was brought to the Vatopaidi monastery by the Blessed elder Joseph (who is still alive) from the Nea Skete. The first record that the icon has miraculous powers was witnessed by Elder Joseph. One day a young man from Cyprus went to visit and entered into the church. At that point, the Elder witnessed a glowing light radiating from the face of the Theotokos and an invisible power pushed the young man down to the ground. When the young man had recovered from his fall, he began to repent and weep and confessed that he did not believe and was a participant in the black arts. He changed his life and became orthodox.

This icon is also known for it working many miracles, especially healing people with cancer. There are many recent records of people who have been healed from cancer after participating in the Supplicatory Canon to the Pantanassa at the monastery.

There are many miracles also occuring in Russia, where two identical copies of the Vatopedi icon were sent at the request of the Patriarch of Moscow. [1] One of these copies is at the Church of All Saints in Krasnoe Selo of Moscow and the other copy was sent to the monastery of the Metamorphosis of Christ in Novospaski.

List of monasteries

List of Pantanassa churches

  • (Athens, Greece)
  • (Patras, Greece), consecrated in 1859.
  • Chora, Folegandros island (Cyclades, Greece)
  • Seafront, Naxos island (Greece)