Panagia Kamariani

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Panagia Kamariani, Original located in Melbourne, Australia

Panagia Kamariani is commemorated by the church on September 8

History of the icon

Their are two known copies of this wonder-working and very miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.

The original is still in the posession of a Greek Orthodox family living in Melbourne. It was a a family heirloom, passed down through the wifes tree. She has since passed away and it is now in possession by her husband.

It was through two miraculous visions and on the insistance of the Virgin Mary that this icon come to Melbourne, Australia. Their are many in the Greek Orthodox Community who are still alive to share this tale but it has never formerly been recorded or documented. Many visit the very Rev. Father Eleftherios at the church in Red Hill who is the longest serving priest in Melbourne and the first priest to serve Panagia Kamariani.

The copy of this icon is at the Holy Monastery of Panagia Kamariani, Red Hill and is as miraculous, if not more, than the original. The OrthodoxWiki author of this article can testify to having witnessed the image of the icon had 'written' two large tear drops weeping down her left cheek in 1997 - this miracle was pointed out and witnessed by the priest of the church. The very next day, the image no longer had the tears written into the icon. This same miracle has also occured on another occassion. This same copy of the icon has also streamed myrrh during a number of all-night litanies held at faithful's homes and their are so many countless miracles that have occured recently that she is completely decorated with a lot of gold jewellery and many diamond and precious rings given as 'tamata' from the faithfull.

Holy Monastery of Panagia Kamariani

135 Arthur Seat Rd, Red Hill, Vic. 3937 Tel.: (03) 5989 2383, Fax: (03) 5989 2889 Mobile: 0417 336 016 Priest.: Very Rev. Elefterios Tatsis Feast Day: September 8th

Around the world

There is a small monastery, situated 3km outside the village of Megalo Horio, on the island of Tilos (Greece), dedicated to the Panagia Kamariani. An annual feast takes places for Panagia Kamariania on the 23rd of August. During this celebration, the locals dance “the dance of the cup” gathering money for the restoration of the other churches on the island.