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Panagia Blachernitissa

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The Panagia of Blachernitissa (Gr. Παναγία η Βλαχερνίτισσα, Turkish: Meryem Ana Kilisesi), also known as Blachernae, Vlachernae, or Vlahernon, is a 7th century Byzantine icon from Constantinople preserved in the imperial palace of Blachernai. The icon, according to tradition, was not written; rather, it was made from a composition of wax and the ashes of 6th-century martyred Christians.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag It is said, that within the Eastern Orthodox Church, there is only one other icon of this type— the icon of the Archangel Michael of Mantamados.</ref> A rare copy of the Blachernitissa icon is also located in Russia at the Tretyakov Gallery.


Blachernae, Constantinople

Main article: Church of Panagia Blachernae (Istanbul)


  • The Church of Blachernae, Pontikonisi (Corfu, Greece)
  • The Church of Blachernae, Peloponneso
A majestic 12th century church decorated with beautiful frescoes of St. John the Baptist.
  • Isle of Dias, village of Kalligata (Kefalonia, Greece)


Name ambiguity

Name ambiguity - There are two places with the name "Blachernae." The first location, and most recognised, is in Constantinople and is spelt with a 'B'. The second, is a municipality in the prefecture of Arta, Greece. It is not so well known and most commonly spelt with a 'V'.


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