Panachrantos Monastery (Andros, Greece)

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The Panachrantos Monastery of Andros is the most beautiful on the island of Andros. It can only be reached by a footpath from the village of Fallika or from the asphalt road which starts from Mesa Bouni. The monastery is built perched on the side of Mount Katafigio with the village of Messaria in the distance and surrounded by verdant villages, Hora and the Aegean sea. It is built like a Byzantine fortress and is surrounded by a strong wall. Tradition says it was built about 1000 years ago in a place shown by the icon of the Holy Mother, which is attributed to the work of Saint Luke and which is also still kept at the monastery. This monastery also houses the sacred skull of St. Panteleimon. The monastery celebrates July 27 and August 15.

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