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His Beatitude Paisius of Alexandria was the Patriarch of the Church of Alexandria from 1657 to 1678.

In 1666, Patr. Paisius was invited to Moscow, Russia by Tsar Alexis to preside over the Council of Moscow of 1666-1667. Those at the council included Patriarchs Macarius III of Antioch and Joasaph of Moscow, Metropolitans Athanasius of Iconium (representing the Ecumenical Patriarch), Ananias of Sinai (representing the Patriarch of Jerusalem), and several bishops and priests. The council affirmed the revised religious and liturgical reforms of the Russian Church, while anathematizing those of the |Old Ritualists, who opposed the reforms and the old Russian books and rites, and for refusing to comply with corrections made in order to comply with the Church's liturgical unity.

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Paisius of Alexandria
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