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name=Our Lady of Kazan Skete|
jurisdiction=[[Diocese of the West (OCA)|West]], [[Orthodox Church in America|OCA]]|
type=Female Skete|
superior=[[Abbess]] Susanna|
size=~7 [[nun]]s|
hq=Santa Rosa, California|
music=[[Russian Chant]]|
calendar=[[Revised Julian Calendar|Revised Julian]]|
feasts=[[July 8|8 July]]|
'''Our Lady of Kazan Skete''' is a [[monastic]] community for women in the [[Diocese of the West (OCA)|Diocese of the West]] in the [[Orthodox Church in America]]. It is located in Santa Rosa, California.  The community was founded in 1983 under the auspices of His Grace Bishop [[Basil (Rodzianko) of San Francisco|Basil]] of San Francisco and the West at St Eugene's Hermitage, and is now under the omophorion of Bishop [[Benjamin (Peterson) of San Francisco|Benjamin]], located it's own property in Santa Rosa, California.
The community consists of women living the monastic tradition of a Christ-centered prayer life for the monastic members. <!--To support the community the nuns produce ...-->
<!--Currently the community is developing plans to build ...-->
In 1980, a new [[chapel]] was begun at St. Eugene's Hermitage.  This chapel was to incorporate a cupola from the belltower of [[Holy Trinity Cathedral (San Francisco, California)|Holy Trinity Cathedral]] in San Francisco, California.  Three years later, Mother [[Barbara (Johnson)]], the former abbess of Holy Assumption Monastery, took up residence with a number of [[nun]]s at St. Eugene's Hermitage.  This sisterhood was called the Community of the Holy Cross.  Work on the chapel was completed in 1988, and was consecrated in memory of St. [[Sergius of Radonezh]].  Coincidentally, the completion was in the same year as the Milennium of Russian Orthodoxy.
After 13 years of monastic struggle at St. Eugene's Hermitage, the Community of the Holy Cross moved to Santa Rosa, and were placed under the patronage of Our Lady of Kazan.  Soon after, the newly-founded [[St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco Monastery (Point Reyes Station, California)|Monastery of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco]] moved into St. Eugene's Hermitage.
In 2005, the Skete was visited by Bishop [[Benjamin (Peterson) of San Francisco|Benjamin of Berkeley]].
*Mother [[Barbara (Johnson)]], 1983-~2005
*Mother Susanna, ~2006-present.
==External links==
*[http://www.oca.org/DIRlisting.asp?SID=9&KEY=OCA-WE-STSHVK OCA Listing of Monastery]
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[[Category:OCA Monasteries]]

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