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'''Orthodoxy in Japan''' presents a recent example of the proclamation of the Holy Gospel in the manner of the Apostles two millennia ago. As the Apostles individually journeyed to new lands proclaiming the Good News, Orthodox Christianity was introduced to the Japanese people through the efforts of a missionary priest, St Nicholas of Japan. This article provides an overview and outline of the personalities, institutions, and information that became the indigenous Orthodox church in Japan.
*[[Church of Japan]]
*[[Timeline of Orthodoxy in Japan]]
*[[Nicholas of Japan]]
*[[Andronik of Perm]]
*[[Nicholas of Japan]]
*[[Andronik of Perm]]
*[[Sergius (Tikhomirov) of Japan]]
*[[Nicholas (Ono) of Japan]]
*[[Benjamin (Basalyga) of Pittsburgh]]
*[[Ireney (Bekish) of New York]]
*[[Nikon (de Greve) of Brooklyn]]
*[[Vladimir (Nagosky) of San Francisco]]
*[[Seraphim (Sigrist) of Sendai]]
*[[Theodosius (Nagashima) of Japan]]
*[[Daniel (Nushiro) of Japan]]
===Other major figures===
*Fr. [[Paul Sawabe]]
*John Sakai
*Fr. [[Anatoly Tikhai]]
*[[Yakov Tikhai]]
*Dr. Nakai Tsugumaro
*Paul Nakai
*[[Irina Yamashita]]
*Fr. [[Simeon Michiro Mii]]
*[[Victor Pokrovsky]]
*[[Tokyo Orthodox Seminary (Tokyo, Japan)]]
<!--- ===Directories===
==Organizations== --->
==External links==
*[http://www2.gol.com/users/ocj/ Japanese Orthodox Church] Official Site (Japanese/English)
[[Category:Church History]]

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