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This article seeks to be a clearinghouse of information and links regarding the history and state of '''[[Orthodox Christianity]] in India'''.
== Jurisdictions ==
* [[Orthodox Metropolis of Singapore]] ([[Church of Constantinople]])
* [[Church of Russia]]
:1 parish in New Delhi (St. Thomas, 2006)
== See also ==
* [[Church of India]] ([[Oriental Orthodox]] Church)
* [[Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church]] (Autonomous branch of the [[Church of Antioch (Syriac)]])
* [[Church of Armenia]] (Diocese of India, communities in Calcutta, Chennai-Madras and Mumbai-Bombay)
== External links ==
* [http://www.cs.ust.hk/faculty/dimitris/metro/india.html OMHKSEA - The Orthodox Church in India]
* [http://www.psoc-cal.org/ Philanthropic Society of the Orthodox Church - Calcutta]
* [http://www.cs.ust.hk/faculty/dimitris/metro/history_india.html History of the Church in India]
* [http://www.interfax-religion.com/?act=news&div=2437 Interfax News]
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