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The Orthodox Study Bible: "Discovering Orthodox Christianity in the Pages of the New Testament"

The Orthodox Study Bible is a translation and annotation of the Bible currently in production by clergy and laity within the Orthodox Church. The text of the New Testament and Psalms translation is currently the New King James Version accompanied by Orthodox viewpoint commentary. The Old Testament in the new edition, was translated from the Septuagint1 using the New King James Version as the template, and is accompanied by Orthodox viewpoint commentary.


The first version, containing the Psalms and the New Testament, was published in 1993 by Thomas Nelson. It is currently being published by Conciliar Press.

The Orthodox Study Bible: "Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World"

The Old and New Testaments edition, subtitled "Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World" came out in February of 2008. It includes a new translation of the Psalms by Dr. Donald Sheehan of Dartmouth College.


Despite positive endorsements2 by such prominent bishops as Metropolitan Maximos of Pittsburgh (a general editor) and Metropolitan Philip of New York (Chairman of the Board of Directors), some commentators have been critical of the results of the project that have been published so far. Critics tend to be concerned both with the version chosen (NKJV) and with the overall approach of the commentators. A review by Archimandrite Ephrem (Lash), printed in the journal Sourozh stated that the commentary "feels far too much like a piece of evangelical propaganda decked out in the trappings of Orthodoxy."3 It remains to be seen how future publications of the project will address these criticisms.


The Orthodox Study Bible was the result of a collaboration between numerous Orthodox scholars, clergy and lay leaders. The initial draft was prepared by the academic community of St. Athanasius Orthodox Academy. Some of the credited contributors of the Orthodox Study Bible project include:

General Editors

  • Joseph Allen, Th.D.
  • Michael Najim, Ph.D.
  • Fr. Jack N. Sparks
  • Fr. Theodore Stylianopoulos, Th.D.


  • New Testament and Psalms (hardbound): ISBN 9780840783912
  • New Testament and Psalms (paperback): ISBN 9780718000301
  • Full-length (hardcover): ISBN 9780718003593
  • Full-length (bonded leather): ISBN 9780718019082


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