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<!--== History ==
<!--== History ==
The first [[priest]] to serve in Australia was [[Archimandrite]] Dorotheos Bakaliaros around 1896.  In 1898 the first Greek Orthodox parish was established, named after the [[Holy Trinity]].  Communities were originally supplied with priests from the [[Church of Jerusalem]], and later the [[Church of Greece]], and there was no attempt to organise the communities into a [[diocese]].
In 1924, the Greek Orthodox parishes in Australia were transferred to the [[Church of Constantinople]], who sent [[Christoforos (Knitis) of Samos|Christoforos (Knitis)]] to be the first [[metropolitan]] of Australia and New Zealand.  He served until 1929 when he returned to Samos, his homeland.  The next metropolitan was [[Timotheos (Evangelinidis) of Rhodes|Timotheos (Evangelinidis)]], and he arrived in 26 January, 1932, serving until he was elected metropolitan of Rhodes in 1947.  He was replaced by [[Theophylactos (Papathanasopoulos) of Australia and New Zealand|Theophylactos (Papathanasopoulos)]], who served until his death in a car crash on 2 August, 1958.  [[Ezekiel (Tsoukalas) of Pisidia|Ezekiel (Tsoukalas)]], then an assistant [[bishop]] in [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America|America]], was elected metropolitan of Australia and New Zealand in February 1959, and arrived on 2 April 1959.
On 1 September of that year, the [[Metropolis]] of Australia and New Zealand was elevated to [[Archdiocese]], and Ezekiel to Archbishop.  Later, in 1970, the Holy Synod of the [[Church of Constantinople]] seperated New Zealand from Australia, leaving the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and the [[Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Zealand]].  In 1974 Ezekiel was promoted to the Metropolis of Pisidia, and the current Archbishop, [[Stylianos (Harkianakis) of Australia|Stylianos (Harkianakis)]], was elected on 13 February 1974 and enthroned on 26 April, 1975.
== Recent History ==
== Recent History ==
In recent years, there has been great tension between the Archdiocese and the current Ecumenical Patriarch, [[Bartholomew I (Archontonis) of Constantinople|Bartholomew I]] concerning the elevation of one of the [[auxiliary bishop]]s of Australia, [[Joseph (Harkiolakis) of New Zealand|Joseph]], to the metropolitanate of New Zealand.  While some letters were exchanged and published through the Archdiocese-owned Greek newspaper, ''To Vema'', the elevation of Metropolitan Joseph remains in effect and unchanged.
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**Archimandrite [[Jonah (Mourtos)]] is the sole priest in Taiwan
**Archimandrite [[Jonah (Mourtos)]] is the sole priest in Taiwan
**Archimandrites [[Vincentius (Escharcha)]] and [[Philemon (Castro)]] are the senior priests in the Philippines.
**Archimandrites [[Vincentius (Escharcha)]] and [[Philemon (Castro)]] are the senior priests in the Philippines.
==Related articles==
*[[Lazarus (Moore)]], missionary in India 1952-1972.
== External links ==
== External links ==

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The Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, headquartered in Hong Kong, is an eparchy of the Church of Constantinople. Its current bishop is His Eminence Nikitas (Lulias), Metropolitan of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, which includes Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
Jurisdiction Constantinople
Diocese type Metropolis
Founded 1996
Current bishop Metr. Nikitas
See(s) Hong Kong
Headquarters Hong Kong
Territory Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan
Liturgical language(s) English, other native languages
Musical tradition unknown
Calendar Revised Julian
Population estimate unknown
Official website OMHKSEA

The Episcopacy

Metr. Nikitas

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