Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration

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The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration (OFT) proclaims the ecological mission of the Orthodox Church as . . . the Reconciliation of All Things in Christ!

OFT exists to hallow God's Name 'on earth as it is in heaven' by seeking the transfiguration of creation through the activation of the Christian calling toward transfigured life. In the context of the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church, the Fellowship seeks to extend the transfiguring activity of the sacraments into all creation through ascetic practice, the keeping of the commandments and the acquisition of virtue, thus restoring the beauty and integrity of God's earthly temple.

OFT is a SCOBA endorsed organization founded in 2006. It is a pan-Orthodox effort overseen by a nine member Steering Committee and aided by an eight member Advisory Board.

The office of OFT is located in Santa Rosa, California, where Executive Director Fred Krueger maintains an extensive library of creation related resources, and administers program development and educational communication with OFT members. To date, OFT has published two newsletters and organized four Christ in the Wilderness program events.

The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration is located online at http://Orth-Transfiguration.org . The OFT Community Forum can be accessed from the website.