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Orthodox Catechisms in English


  • Bulgaris, Nicolas. A Holy Catechism, or Explanation of the Divine and Holy Liturgy, and Examination of Candidates for Ordination. Rev. and ed. 1st printed Venice, 1681. Constantinople: Patriarchal Press, 1861.
Format: Question and Answer
Organization: Liturgical Commentary, and "Things Necessary for Salvation" (Creed, Our Father, Two Commandments of Love, Ten Commandments, Commandments of the Church, Works of Mercy, Sins, Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Mysteries of the Church)
  • Carlton, Clark. The Faith: Understanding Orthodox Christianity, An Orthodox Catechism (Faith Catechism Series). Endorsed by Archbp. DMITRI (OCA), Bp. ISAIAH (GOA), Bp. BASIL (AOA), and Archim. Peter (ROCOR). Salisbury, MA: Regina Orthodox Press, 1997. ISBN 0964914115
Format: Chapters
Organization: Two parts—"The Doctrines of Christ" and "The Life in Christ)
  • Carlton, Clark. The Way: What Every Protestant Should Know About the Orthodox Church (Faith Catechism Series). (ISBN 0964914123)
  • Carlton, Clark. The Truth: What Every Roman Catholic Should Know About the Orthodox Church (Faith Catechism Series). (ISBN 0964914182)
  • The Catechism of the Orthodox, Catholic, Eastern Church. Printed with the blessing of St. Tikhon, 1901. South Canaan, PA: St. Tikhon's Seminary Press, 1997.
Format: Question and Answer
Organization: Three parts—Faith (Creed), Hope (Lord's Prayer and Beatitudes), Charity (Commandments)
  • Demetry, Rev. Constas, D.D. Catechism of the Eastern Orthodox Church, With Most Essential Differences of Other Principal Churches Scripturally Criticized. Approved by the Holy Synod, 1929. N.p., 1935.
Format: Question and Answer
Organization: Two Parts—Faith (Nicene Creed) and Works (Ten Commandments and Beatitudes)
  • Dmitri (Royster), Archbishop of Dallas and the South (OCA), Orthodox Christian Teaching. Brooklyn, OH: Orthodox Christian Publications Center. ISBN 0866420428
Format & Organization: Chapters with discussion questions
  • Harakas, Stanley S. Orthodox Church: Four Hundred and Fifty-Five Questions and Answers. (ISBN 0937032565)
  • Hatzidakis, Fr. Emmanuel. The Heavenly Banquet:Understanding the Divine Liturgy. Foreword by Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit. (Maryville, IL: Orthodox Witness, 2008. ISBN 978-0-9778970-1-8.
  • Kohanik, Archpriest Peter G. Instruction in God's Law. 2d ed., new, rev., enlarg. Approved by the V. Rev. Joseph Stephanko, 1948. Wilkes-Barre, PA: Light (?), 1949.
Format & Organization: Arranged in 164 Lessons
  • The Living God: A Catechism for the Christian Faith. 2 vols. Tr. from French by Olga Dunlop. Crestwood, NY: SVS Press, 1989. ISBN 0881410403
Format: Arranged liturgically
Organization: Seven parts—Nativity, Baptism, Transfiguration, Teaching, Cross and Resurrection, Acension and Pentecost, Second Coming and the Life of the World to Come
  • Makrakis, Apostolos. Catechesis of the Orthodox Church: As Taught by the Holy Spirit and His Solemn Instruments from the Day of Pentecost to the Last Ecumenical Council, Expounded in Comparison and Contrast with the Antechesis (Contradictions) and Parechesis (Misinterpretations) of the Devil. Athens, 1885. Tr. from Greek by Denver Cummings. 1st Amer. ed. 1946, 2nd ed.—Chicago, IL: Orthodox Christian Educational Society, 1969. ISBN 0938366157
Format: Chapters
Organization: Three parts—"Awareness of Spiritual Dangers", "The Knowlegde of the Means of Salvation Evident in the Danger to Eternal Life and Blessedness", "The Knowledge that Leads to Perdition and Eternal Punishment"
  • Mastrantonis, Rev. George. A New-Style Catechism on the Orthodox Faith for Adults. 2nd ed., 2nd printing, 1997. St. Louis, MO: OLOGOS Mission, 1969.
Format: Chapters
Organization: Three sections—Faith (Creed), Hope (Lord's Prayer and Liturgy), Love (Commandments and Sermon on the Mount)
  • Noli, Fan Stylian, trans. and arr. Eastern Orthodox Catechism. Boston: Albanian Orthodox Church in America, 1954.
Format: Question and Answer
Organization: Creed, Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, and the Epiphany Lamentations and St. Mary's Salutation (both hymnody given without explanation)
Dedication: "To the younger generation of the Eastern Orthodox Church who will take over and carry on her evangelic mission in the United States of America."
  • Slobodskoy, Archpriest Seraphim. The Law of God. 1966. Tr. from Russian by Susan Price. 1st English ed.—Jordanville, NY: Holy Trinity Monastery, 1993. ISBN 0884650448
Format: Chapters
Organization: Five parts—"Basic Concepts", "Prayers", "The Sacred History of the Old and New Testaments", "Christian Faith and Life", "The Divine Services of the Orthodox Church"
  • Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese. A Catechism of the Christian Doctrine of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church. Approved by Metropolitan Antony Bashir, 1950. Brooklyn, NY: A-B-C Printing, 1949.
Format: Question and Answer
Organization: Four Parts—Creed, Lord's Prayer, Beatitudes, Commandments with "Orthodox Catholic Instruction, Book 5, Advanced Course" (arranged in 30 lessons), "A Brief Synopsis of the Orthodox Christian Year", and "Forty Saints of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church" (arranged in 39 lessons)

Catechisms available online

See also Online books: Catechism.

Books about Catechesis and Catechisms

  • Duckworth, The Rev. H. T. F., M.A. Greek Manuals of Church Doctrine. London: Rivingtons, 1901.
  • Marthaler, Berard L., O.F.M. Conv. The Catechism Yesterday and Today: The Evolution of a Genre. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 1995. ISBN 0814621511

It is typical to treat the seven sacraments under the heading of the tenth article of the Nicene Creed—"one baptism for the remission of sins."

Numerical patterns are frequently found in Catechisms, which are often based on 3, 7, and 12. See Marthaler.

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