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Below is an incomplete list of Orthodox blogs. Although a few of them are run by official Orthodox Church entities, the majority offer individual opinions and thoughts on Orthodoxy. Many of the following individuals have formed something of an intertextual community, and one is likely to find them linking to many other Orthodox sites or blogs, and many interesting non-Orthodox ones as well. However, keep in mind that the authors do not speak for the Church, and the writers - even clergy - may have opinions different from the opinions of other Orthodox Christians.

Due to the nature of blogs and blogging, these sites have the tendency to come and go with no notice. For that reason, although effort is put forth to update this list, it is to be expected that some of the links will no longer work. Please also note - a number of blogs here may not have been updated in quite some time, yet they are included because they still may be of worth to readers. As links are posted, reasonable diligence has been made to make sure the blogs are written by people claiming to be Orthodox Christians, however, being the internet, people can claim just about anything. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that authors do not have opinions that differ from the Orthodox Church's, that the authors continue to consider themselves Orthodox, or that sites have not been "hijacked" with completely different material after being deleted by an Orthodox author. (This is particularly prevalent with Tumblr sites.)

Nevertheless, there are many people from all over the world who write about Orthodoxy and blogging often offers a window into their lives as Orthodox Christians. Other blogs focus on specific topics, some church-related, some not. Attempts have been made to organize this list into more manageable sections, however, as a page created by many people over a long period of time, categories are not necessarily strictly set.



Not necessarily new blogs, but new(er) additions to the page

Orthodoxy Groups and Aggregators


Official Church sites

  • Serbian Orthodox Church official English news
  • Orthodox Christianity English-language news and information from the Moscow Patriarchate
  • A Catalog of Good Deeds Blog about ministry, workshops and the Orthodox faith in general from St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk, Belarus.
  • Pemptousia Mount Athos · Wisdom · Holiness - from the Friends of Vatopaidi Monastery, the Institute of Research, Preservation and Advancement of Spiritual and Cultural Traditions “Saint Maximos the Greek” Includes radio and video programs.
  • Orthodox Life A publication of Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, New York


Antiochian Archdiocese

  • Orthodox Christian Parenting Encouragement and ideas for Orthodox Christians raising children in The Faith. From the Antiochian Orthodox Department of Christian Education.

Greek Orthodox

Orthodox Church in America

Other Orthodox Church Organizations

Ancient Faith Blogs

Individual Church parish blogs



United States


  • Fr. John's Blog St. John of Chicago Orthodox Church, Rogers, Arkansas - Fr. John Wehling



  • Orthodox Kokomo The blog for St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Christian Church in Kokomo, Indiana. "Come and see!"

New York

North Carolina

  • Out of Egypt St. Raphael Orthodox Mission Church, North Carolina - Fr. James Guirguis



South Carolina

  • Orthodox Way of Life Articles and information about how to live an Orthodox Christian life. The blog of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Greenville, South Carolina


Other Locations


Writings of the Saints

Missions and Missionaries

Orthodox Thought

John Sanidopoulos

  • Mystagogy Resource Center An International Orthodox Christian Ministry headed by John Sanidopoulos
  • Honey and Hemlock
  • Daimonologia Hallowed Entries About Dark Culture & Thought, the Fantastic and the Supernatural (from an Orthodox Christian Perspective)
  • Erotapokriseis An Orthodox Christian Website of Questions and Answers
  • Eschatologia An Orthodox Christian Examination of the Last Things
  • Bio-Orthodoxy "God gave science to human beings, so that we would praise Him for the miracles He performs." (Wisdom of Sirach 38:6)
  • New Myriobiblon An Orthodox Christian Website of Book Reviews

Children & Education



Icons, Iconography, & Orthodox Arts

Cooking, Recipes, and Eating

Health & Wellness

Conversion to Orthodoxy

Western Rite

  • Oremus Roman Rite in the Orthodox Church
  • Orthodox Christian West - News blog for the Orthodox Western Rite.
  • Paruchia - blog of ROCOR Western Rite texts and related material.
  • Western Orthodoxy - "An Unofficial Blog Dedicated to the Western Rite within the Orthodox Church."
  • Western Rite Radio An Internet Ministry of the Western Rite Communities of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia!

Orthodoxy and Other Traditions

News, Journalists, and News Commentary

Photo Blogs

Business Blogs

Other Topics

Clergy Blogs

(Blogs written or compiled by members of the Orthodox clergy)

Last Name: A

  • Orthodox Okie - Personal blog on the musings and speculations of a Priest in the Western Rite of the Russian Orthodox Church. Not an official Church blog. Fr. Aristibule Adams
  • Virgil Petrisor Fr. Peter Andronache

Last Name: B

Last Name: C

Last Name: E

Last Name: F

Last Name: G

Last Name: H

Last Name: J

Last Name: K

Last Name: L

  • Fr. Kevin Gregory Long Rustbelt Orthodoxy (formerly known as "Max's Progeny - A Blog of the Fellowship of St. Maximos")
  • The Inkless Pen I trod the earth and knew it was my tomb - Fr. Zechariah Lynch

Last Name: M

Last Name: O

  • OrthoCuban Fr. Ernesto Obregon - The blog of a Cuban who became an Orthodox Priest

Last Name: P

Last Name: R

Last Name: S

Last Name: T

  • SILOUAN Fr. Silouan Thompson
  • Fr. Matthew Thurman
  • Second Terrace Preoccupations and essays by Fr Jonathan Tobias. "Really," said Gregory, superciliously, "the examples you choose --" "I beg your pardon," said Syme grimly, "I forgot we had abolished all conventions."
  • Living in the Presence of Christ In order not to live in darkness, turn on the switch of prayer so that the Divine Light may flood your soul. - Elder Porphyrios. -Fr. Ted Toppses
  • Ancient Christian Wisdom Fr. Alexis (Trader)
  • The Arena Fr. Josiah Trenham
  • Gladsome Light Dialogues A blog administered by Fr. Vasile Tudora featuring Orthodox theology applied to everyday life. "A journey through our faith as we live it every day"

Last Name: V

Last Name: W

Last Name: Z


  • Paredwka: Catching the Ball Fr. Dcn. Benjamin Harju
  • Cycle Days I am a deacon in the Antiochian Orthodox Church, a professional fire fighter, a part-time deputy sheriff, and a pretty avid cyclist.
  • Paradosis - " Remove not the Ancient Landmark Which your Fathers Have Set" Fr. Dcn. James Ferrenberg
  • The Digital Deacon Fr. Dcn. Basil Warrenfells


Author Blogs

Multiple-author blogs

  • Another City A journal of Orthodox Culture from the American Orthodox Institute
  • Orthodox Outpost The Crossroads of Culture and Orthodox Christian Opinion
  • Public Orthodoxy Bridging the Ecclesial, the Academic, and the Political. A publication of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University.
  • The Life of the World "I am the Light of the World. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life."
  • Pick It Up!
  • Spruce Island An unofficial blog by and for members and friends of St. Herman of Alaska OCA church in Langley, BC
  • Forty Maxims Forty days, forty thoughts: A forum for Orthodox women to discuss the Forty Maxims of Fr. Thomas Hopko, for spiritual edification and fellowship during the Great Fast.

Individual blogs








  • Georgianne's Journal
  • Gladsome Lights Things that I like, or Make, or Think About, With Thanks to God
  • Gleason Gaggle
  • Glen Rose Farm - "Notes from a Hillside Farm; being Musings and Observations on Life, Letters, and our Most Holy Faith, by a Lawyer, Sheep-farmer, and Communicant of the Orthodox Church"
  • Go. Find. Orthodoxy's lesser-known mystery: training a SAR K9
  • God Has Promised Elizabeth is derived from the Hebrew name "Elisheva," meaning "My God is an oath"
  • God Is Reason
  • Guerilla Orthodoxy Peacemaking and Social Justice in the Orthodox Christian Church
  • Gwenyfur Saints, Prayers, and Other Information of the Orthodox Christian Faith


















Coptic and Oriental Orthodox







  • Plamen Sivov - Personal blog with Orthodox articles, poetry and translations













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