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Revision as of 21:13, November 23, 2005 by FrJohn (talk | contribs) (Thinking about localization...)

I wonder if, within the resources that we have, we could have an attempt to keep the information in the various localized wikis relatively synchronized (i.e., provide the same information in all languages). I would be happy to translate articles from the English version into Romanian or viceversa (if there is ever a Romanian section). Vandrona 14:31, November 23, 2005 (CST)

This is great Vandrona. The heads of the localized wikis (along with any bilingual helpers) will be responsible for deciding what gets imported between wikis. Of course, priorities will have to be set -- I don't anticipate that everything would get translated.
I plan to publish some information at OrthodoxWiki:Localization later today that will begin to specify how these relationships between OrthodoxWiki-localizations should be managed. If you might be interesting in beginning or overseeing a Romanian version of OrthodoxWiki, let me know. OrthodoxWiki could provide the hosting and maintain a separate installation of MediaWiki for you.
Fr. John
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