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Talk pages

I wanted to drop a note to clarify my philosophy about Talk pages. It is my understanding that all changes are, in a technical sense, archived. All changes that are made on any page can be viewed and previous versions can be restored. The kind of archiving that Andrew speaks of is a way of moving a bunch of the previous discussion to another place, but archives it in such a way that it is "searchable." It is not that I am against that kind of thing. In fact, in the science laboratory (I am a Biochemist) we are taught to never delete anything.

Let me summarize my thoughts

  • When I made one of my first posts on a discussion page, I was somewhat bewildered by the 10-15 headings. I wasn't sure whether to post on the top or the bottom (conventions vary). As I read the previous discussion, it was clear that a number of the issues had been discussed and addressed. I just didn't see the point in keeping them in a prominent place.
  • Ask my wife, I tend to hoard things. I guess part of my concerns stem out my own issues and the desire to handle paperwork and get organized. Handle things once, dispose or file things that I'm done with, etc.

Thanks for listening. --Joe Rodgers 20:53, 28 Jun 2005 (EDT)