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In a monastery, a trapeza (or refectory), is the dining hall where monks and pilgrims gather for food and conversation (although monks don't usually talk during meals). The OrthodoxWiki trapeza serves as the main discussion point for our website. Please feel free to join in—ask anything, suggest an idea, make a comment. We're glad to have you here. For other, more specifically designated discussion pages, check out the Community Portal.

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Closing down OrthodoxSource and SR

Friends, I apologize for being absent for awhile. Please let me know if you have any outstanding wiki issues you need to resolve!
As of today, I am shutting down OrthodoxSource. Apologies to IXThis888, who has put in a good deal of work. However, there was not enough of a community of contibutors and moderators there, and I think it would be better for us all at this point to keep the focus on this wiki. Also, I will likely be shutting down SR soon. There has been no activity there for a long time, and I'm afraid that the required documents (about copyrights and policies) were never translated. — FrJohn (talk) 12:45, November 25, 2008 (UTC)


hi, i have photos of the raifa monastary i would like to upload as well as a convent neasr yoshkar ola russia which i do not beleive yet has an article how would i create a new article for this? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Kharaku (talkcontribs) .

Hello, on the left hand side of your screen ... scroll down until you see the words

"upload file" .. then follow the steps ...its not too hard and always someone will help you categorise your work ... Good luck! Vasiliki 01:16, November 29, 2008 (UTC)

Adding a Photo....

I have been wanting to post my photo, but do not know HTML. Could someone please give me a tip on how to do this?

Thanks! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jacifus (talkcontribs) .

Give a thorough read to the materials linked in the welcome message on your talk page. There's plenty there that should help. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 23:56, December 3, 2008 (UTC)

Seminarian input

Over at Citizendium, there is a programme whereby faculty at various universities enjoin their students to post their work. I was wondering if it would make sense here to start publishing seminarians' papers. They come with faculty oversight and would be of sufficient quality to support reliability here. Thomas Simmons 09:28, December 19, 2008 (PST)

There is also a Wiki Site called "Patristic Wiki" that you should look at. Father John set it up recently (mid-November I think) and they are asking for people to contribute in regards to patristic related stuff .... 22:47, December 18, 2008 (UTC)
1. This is not really a place for papers, but for encyclopedia articles. If seminarians wish to write Orthodox encyclopedia articles here, they are welcome to do so.
2. PatristicsWiki is not connected with OrthodoxWiki and, as far as I know, not set up by (our) Fr. John. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 01:54, December 19, 2008 (UTC)
Hi, I know that PatristicWiki is not linked with OrthodoxWiki but I mentioned it since I presume that everyone's core intention is to spread Orthodoxy in the way they know how ... who you are affiliated with wrt posting information publically is irrelevant as long as the end users are connected to God and the Truth. I had the impression (our) Father John was involved with it ... since, he monitors the emails for the Ancient Faith podcast that Dcn Matthew has been delivering - and he is from Monachos.net So doh! Vasiliki 04:03, December 19, 2008 (UTC)

ROK's Basic Teaching on Human Dignity, Freedom and Rights

I learnt recently the Russian Church adopted a Basic Teaching on Human Dignity, Freedom and Rights. Metropolitan Kyrill held a speech at a conference in Vienna in 2006 where he said this teaching is meaningful to all christans and at the UN Human Rights Council he said in 2008 adoption of human rights is unsuccessful because it fades out moral. I believe this is important. Would there be interest to have an article on this topic?—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Haiduk (talkcontribs) .

Perhaps you should make it a "sub-topic" under the Church of Russia since it is specific to their jurisdiction? I will give it a shot first if you want and then you can come in and edit??? Remember to sign your posts with three tilde (~) signs. Vasiliki 00:45, December 19, 2008 (UTC)
I'm glad with just doing a revision. I agree adding it to Church of Russia would be adequate. It's up to you to follow Fr. Andrew advice or convince him, if that is possible Haiduk
That's interesting, but it's really more fit for a newspaper than an encyclopedia. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 02:27, December 19, 2008 (UTC)