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Here follows a list of all OrthodoxWiki templates.

Note: This list excludes templates for the use in related Church Calendar articles for particular dates. If you create a new template for any reason, please add it to this list. An automatically created list of all templates is available.

Templates should be created with no uppercase letters (the first letter is automatically capitalized). This will allow consistent use of lowercase letters for all templates.

General Templates

  • Template:Citation - Used to denote an unreferenced assertion. It can be expected that the assertion should be backed up as soon as possible, and may be in danger of being deleted.
  • Template:Cleanup - Used to mark an article temporarily so that it can be brought to a higher standard
  • Template:Deletion - Used to mark an article as one that should be deleted, usually for breach of the OrthodoxWiki Style Manual.
  • Template:Disambig - Used to clear up cases where multiple usages exist for the same word
  • Template:Disputed - Used to mark a page where factual accuracy is uncertain, and links to the discussion page.
  • Template:Incomplete - Used to indicate articles which are more than stubs, but still incomplete.
  • Template:Inprogress - Used to tag an article temporarily while it's actively being developed
  • Template:Note – A simple template to create a link back to a footnote reference. (use with Template:Ref)
  • Template:Oriental - Used for articles which may represent an Oriental Orthodox (non-Chalcedonian) view
  • Template:Orthodoxize - Used to tag an article which needs to be rewritten to conform to a Mainstream Chalcedonian Orthodox point of view.
  • Template:Policy - Used for official OrthodoxWiki policy pages
  • Template:Ref – A simple template to create a link to a footnote. (use with Template:Note)
  • Template:Reorg - Similar to the cleanup template, used to mark an article or series of articles which need reorganization or restructuring
  • Template:Stub - Used to indicate articles that are sorely incomplete. (You can find all stubs here.) Other stubs exist for specific use (see below).
  • Template:TOCright - Moves the Table of Contents to the right ( __NOTOC__ hides the Table of Contents)
  • Template:Alphatoc - creates a compact Table of Contents for articles with alphabetical headers
  • Template:Osource - marks an article or image for transfer to OrthodoxSource.

Main page

Specific Stubs

These should be created with good judgment.

User Templates

  • Template:Acceptrevised - Add to your User page to show retroactive acceptance of dual-licensing (for edits prior to Nov. 22, 2005; cf. Copyrights)
  • Template:Discussion - Inspired by User:Arbible, this template makes a nice header for User Talk pages
  • Template:Double - Used to identify an account operated by the same user that has a different account. Sometimes these are authorized. More often the duplicate is volunteered by the user and blocked. Please see OrthodoxWiki:User guidelines for more information.
  • Template:Independent - Used to mark users who advertise their status as members of so-called "independent" Orthodox churches. We use this so that unsuspecting members will not be mistaken about their canonical status, as well as to avoid the criticism that OrthodoxWiki let's anybody represent Orthodoxy. As with other users, their submissions will be judged according to the quality of the content and its conformity with Orthodox teaching.
  • Template:Vandalbot - Used for identified vandal/spambots
  • Template:Unsigned - for marking unsigned comments

Content Templates

These templates have fields in which addition information, specific to the article, should be added. Fields left blank or deleted will show an error rather than be removed from the template: or unknown should be used for inapplicable or missing information. (See the particular talk pages for an explanation of the fields.)

Copyright and Source Templates

For more information about copyright, please see wikipedia:Category:Wikipedia_copyright and OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights.


Series Templates