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===Longer-range Goals===
===Longer-range Goals===

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Here's a list of some things I anticipate for OrthodoxWiki in the future

Soon! (before December 2005)

  • The logo contest will end on November 15th. Shortly after that, we'll need to integrate the new logo into the site, and use it as a model to create new link buttons, etc.
  • We need to revise our copyright policies in order to solve some incompatibility issues (with Wikipedia) and to better anticipate any future works.
  • We need to come up with a strategy to deal with vandalbots and an information page to help people understand what to do when an attack comes. (See OrthodoxWiki:Vandalism.)

Before February 2006

  • A new template - I'd like to see at least one new template for OrthodoxWiki, giving users a better opportunity to choose how they view the wiki.
  • It is now possible to create access-restricted namespaces. We should consider whether or not to create such a space for sysops.
  • Year-end inventory - After a year of being in service, the wiki could surely use some optimization. I am proposing a yearly review process, involving especially the Sysops, in which we go over all categories and pages, thinking about how we could better structure out wiki and considering what needs pruning.
  • With the launch of our first localized wiki (bg.orthodoxwiki.org - in Bulgarian) expected sometime around January 2006, we will need a set of explicit guidelines and helps for others who want to help launch localized editions of OrthodoxWiki.
  • We need to consider whether or not we want to create something like an "OrthodoxWiki Foundation" that can act as a kind of trust to steward the information on the wiki.

Longer-range Goals