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Unanswered Questions

I was wondering if anyone here might know the History of The Cathedral Church of The Holy Resurrection in the Bronx, New York.

My Jurisdiction knows the land was sold my Dimitray Propheta (Archbishop Walter Propheta's father) to Church of The Holy Resurrection, Inc. in 1930.

I would like to know what Jurisdiction this Church was affiliated with and who it was under when Archbishop Propheta became Dean of Priests there in 1958.

This will greatly assist me in the history of The American Orthodox Catholic Church, (Propheta) I am compiling.

Thank you.

Bishop Mark markp_13601 at yahoo dot com

Answered Questions

December 2005

I hope this gets posted. I am searching for anyone who may have information as to whether or not Archbishop Walter Myron Propheta of The American Orthodox Catholic Church was ever consecrated as Hierarch by Archbishop Bodhan Schpylka of The Ukranian Orthodox Church.

Thanks for your help. - Bishop Mark, markp_13601 at yahoo dot com

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