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OrthodoxWiki is launching an ambitious initiative to organize all the images on the site. We will need your help!

Stage One

What we'd like to to is stamp all the images with appropriate image categories. These automatically become photo galleries!

Proposed categories include:

By License:

  • Category:Public Domain - for public domain images. This has already been done (Though maybe it should have been "Public Domain Images" for consistency? Or maybe this category could include everything in the public domain?
  • Catgegory:GFDL Images - For images released under the GNU Free Documentation License
  • Category:CC by-nc-sa Images - For images released under any version of a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike License
  • Category:CC by-sa Images - For images released under any version of a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Used by permission:

By Subject:

All of these categories should then be placed in Category:Images.

Not all image topics will require their own distinct categories. Sometimes they will fit very well into an already established category that includes articles. Separate categories (e.g. Images of ...) are helpful whenever we want to a) have a subcategory under Category:Images or b) whenever there are enough images in a category that they would clutter up the image list too much. We should provide a cross-link on each of the related category pages (e.g. Category:Icons and Category:Images of Icons.

Uncategorized images can go in Category:Uncategorized Images

Under construction

An open question: Could a bot help us with anything here?

Important Notes

  • If the image has a template attached (i.e. a license template), the best way to make the changes is to add the category to the template itself. Unfortunately, all the image pages have to be "refreshed" by clicking "edit" and "save" in order for the change in the template to register and for the images to be thumbnailed on the Category page. To find a list of all images, go to Special:File list; often, but not always, the template is listed in the initial description. It is also a good idea to double-check those pictures which do not have an initial description, as an identifying template may have been added later.
  • You may make changes or additions to this page as well.
  • If you are able to work on this, please leave a note on this page so that we know what you've done and don't get confused! Thanks.

Stage Two

Once this is accomplished, we'd like to begin to import images that are public domain or under other "free" licenses and that are appropriate for OrthodoxWiki from other sites on the internet, especially, for example, commons:Category:Orthodox_Church. In this way, OrthodoxWiki will become a central respository for Orthodox images of all types, especially those which are freely available. This is a big project and we need to talk more about how to integrate these into the structure of our current site.

Comments and suggestions about how to do this are most welcome!