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m (By Subject)
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* [[:Category:Liturgical Items]]
* [[:Category:Liturgical Items]]
* [[:Category:Antiochian Archdiosese Images]] - we should go through Category:Images of Hierarchs, etc. and add other jurisidction categories too -- [[:Category:OCA Images]], etc.  
* [[:Category:Antiochian Archdiosese Images]] - we should go through Category:Images of Hierarchs, etc. and add other jurisidction categories too -- [[:Category:OCA Images]], etc.  
* [[:Category:Bells]]
All of these categories should then be placed in [[:Category:Images]].
All of these categories should then be placed in [[:Category:Images]].

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OrthodoxWiki is launching an ambitious initiative to organize all the images on the site. We will need your help!

Stage One

What we'd like to to is stamp all the images with appropriate image categories. These automatically become photo galleries!

Categories in use include:

By License

Used by permission

By Subject

All of these categories should then be placed in Category:Images.

Not all image topics will require their own distinct categories. Sometimes they will fit very well into an already established category that includes articles. Separate categories (e.g. Images of ...) are helpful whenever we want to a) have a subcategory under Category:Images or b) whenever there are enough images in a category that they would clutter up the image list too much. We should provide a cross-link on each of the related category pages (e.g. Category:Icons and Category:About Icons).

Uncategorized images can go in Category:Uncategorized Images

Under construction

An open question: Could a bot help us with anything here?

Important Notes

  • If the image has a template attached (i.e. a license template), the best way to make the changes is to add the category to the template itself. Unfortunately, all the image pages have to be "refreshed" by clicking "edit" and "save" in order for the change in the template to register and for the images to be thumbnailed on the Category page. To find a list of all images, go to Special:Imagelist; often, but not always, the template is listed in the initial description. It is also a good idea to double-check those pictures which do not have an initial description, as an identifying template may have been added later.
  • You may make changes or additions to this page as well.
  • If you are able to work on this, please leave a note on this page so that we know what you've done and don't get confused! Thanks.

Stage Two

Once this is accomplished, we'd like to begin to import images that are public domain or under other "free" licenses and that are appropriate for OrthodoxWiki from other sites on the internet, especially, for example, commons:Category:Orthodox_Church. In this way, OrthodoxWiki will become a central respository for Orthodox images of all types, especially those which are freely available. This is a big project and we need to talk more about how to integrate these into the structure of our current site.

Comments and suggestions about how to do this are most welcome!


Please import all appropriate images from a whole category at one time and then register the category on Wikimedia Commons that they were imported from here. I mean let's systematically work through the relevant categories on the Commons -- just write down which one(s) you've already been through so we don't repeat it, and do one at a time so we don't miss stuff. While you're at it, why not take a moment to help the Commons fix up some of their categories? Categories on the Commons do not have to be directly mirrored here. Please see the list of categories above, and register your new category there too.

Is there a smarter way to do this? e.g. bulk uploads? This was the answer on the MediaWiki-L list: "For mass uploading, you might want to have a look at the Python wikipedia robot framework that implement an uploading tool: http://pywikipediabot.sourceforge.net/" -- I'm not sure that's the ideal solution. If we want to get all the information and arrange things in appropriate categories, we might as well do it all manually, even though that takes time.

I'd be willing to try this: commons:Commons:File_upload_service (the perl script is here) if anybody's interested. Fr. John

Please read these bullet points carefully before importing.

  • All images imported from Wikimedia Commons should also include the {{commons}} template so that we can keep track of what comes from where.
  • Please be sure to download the highest resolution image (with the original filename) by right clicking the little blue "Download hi-res" link beneath the image pictured on the "Image:" page!
  • Please copy all relevant source information over, but we don't necessarily to keep all the image categories. You can usually just do a copy and paste from the "Edit" page into the comment box.
  • It is ok to go past the "recommended file size limit" (you might get a warning message and prompt)
  • Please be both thorough and discerning. Some images, e.g. this one, might be passed by but should be included. Many others aren't needed here. We can always link to it on Wikimedia Commons if we should need it in the future. The rule of thumb is that if you could easily imagine an image being used in an OrthodoxWiki article or if it perfectly fits an image collection on this site, bring it in. Otherwise, leave it. If in doubt, feel free to make a note on the discussion page. We particularly don't need the zillion images of post-schism Western religious art, for example.
  • If an image doesn't fit anywhere else, please put it in Category:Uncategorized_Images
  • We will be able to avoid duplicates because of the identical filename. When there is any question do not overwrite the current image, but check first -- either it is different and needs a new file name or it is the same and doesn't need to be uploaded. The only exception to this is if you want to overwrite the current file because it is inadequate and you have a better version. Please mark all such changes in your comments for the Upload log.

Transfer Log

Already processed:

In progress/already assigned/underway:

Recommended for Transfer:


Once the importing from Wikimedia Commons is completed (although growing, importing from the Commons is a relatively finite and concrete task), there are many other sources of usable images.

I'd suggesty that we don't aggressively go after these, but "casually" -- browsing through them, we might find some gems. We don't need to -- and shouldn't -- try to be a "catch-all" for Orthodox images, but we can be on the lookout for images that would be appropriate in articles or as a valuable part of one of our galleries. Think quality rather than quantity!

One nice thing about the Wikimedia Commons images is that they are pre-selected according to similar criteria.

I'm starting a log at OrthodoxWiki:Images for import.