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This is the OrthodoxWiki:News page, detailing important news about OrthodoxWiki itself. It is strongly recommended that you add it to your watchlist so that you can keep track of whenever it's updated. New updates will always appear at the top of this page. Old news items will be archived, so headings should not be considered permalinks.

To see what the newest articles are, see: Special:Newpages.
For the most recent changes to articles, see: Special:Recentchanges.
For new conversation regarding this project, see: OrthodoxWiki:Community Portal.

August 9, 2006

OrthodoxSource, a sister project to OrthodoxWiki, is currently in alpha stage. One purpose behind this project is to keep OrthodoxWiki focused on being an encylopedia. OrthodoxSource will be a place for collections of things: archives, images, articles, and other relevant files of all sorts. If you're up for pioneering, please register over there and help out. On this end, pages that would be more appropriate for the other site can be marked with the Osource template, which will land them in Category:Articles for transfer.

Also, the MediaWiki intallation has been updated to version 1.6.8.

August 3, 2006

Two citation extensions have been installed. One allows in-text citations to be collected together in a group as footnotes. (For details, see meta:Cite/Cite.php. For an example on Wikipedia, see w:Irish_bog_psalter.)

The second (meta:Cite/Special:Cite.php) adds a special page (Special:Cite) which offers cut-and-paste citations in a number of formats to OrthodoxWiki pages, and also adds a "Cite this article" link in the sidebar "toolbox" on every page in the main namespace.

June 10, 2006

Dear OrthodoxWiki friends and visitors:

I'm happy to announce the first localized extension of OrthodoxWiki. [[bulg: