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This is the OrthodoxWiki:News page, detailing important news about OrthodoxWiki itself. It is strongly recommended that you add it to your watchlist so that you can keep track of whenever it's updated. New updates will always appear at the top of this page. Old news items will be archived, so headings should not be considered permalinks.

To see what the newest articles are, see: Special:Newpages.
For the most recent changes to articles, see: Special:Recentchanges.
For new convers tion regarding this project, see: OrthodoxWiki:Community Portal.

May 2016 Update

  • All OrthodoxWiki sites have been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.25.
  • The server is now running Debian 8 Jessie
  • The webserver is now Nginx, with caching and some Google Pagespeed filters enabled.
  • We are running PHP7 and MariaDB 10
  • All web pages are now served over https using a Let'sEncrypt certificate