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(New page: {{policy}} An article may be '''deleted from OrthodoxWiki''' by a sysop for any of the following reasons (non-exclusive): *Its sole purpose is '''vandalism''' (obscenity, nonsense, etc.)...)
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This page is an official policy on OrthodoxWiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. If you are part of the administration, please feel free to update this page as needed, but make sure that changes you make to this policy really do reflect OrthodoxWiki's perspective before you make them.

An article may be deleted from OrthodoxWiki by a sysop for any of the following reasons (non-exclusive):

  • Its sole purpose is vandalism (obscenity, nonsense, etc.).
  • It has no content (may include only headers or external links).
  • It is not encyclopedic (may be an essay, personal opinion, polemic, etc.)
  • It is not directly relevant to the Orthodox Church.
  • It is non-notable (i.e., not important enough to history to be included in an encyclopedia).
  • It duplicates an existing article.
  • It is in a user's personal userspace who has requested deletion.
  • There is a consensus of editors and sysops that the article is inappropriate or unnecessary.