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This page is intended for listing and discussing copyright problems on OrthodoxWiki, including pages and images which are suspected to be in violation. For a list of pages marked with Template:Copyright, please see Category:Possible copyright violations. For general information about OrthodoxWiki's copyright policies, please start at OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights.

Possible violation listings

March 7, 2008

These were added recently by User:Fatman2021, and a notice has been left on user's talk page. —magda (talk) 14:23, March 7, 2008 (PST)

Only "The Ethiopian Bible" article had anything on the /Temp page, and that was simply a paste from the table at Wikipedia's "Development of the Christian Biblical canon" and did not specifically address "The Ethiopian Bible." Nothing was posted by User:Fatman2021 in reply to notice, so pages were deleted. —magda (talk) 11:55, March 15, 2008 (PDT)

May 26, 2007

Anthony (Medvedev) of San Francisco is pretty much a cut-and-paste of this article. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs 18:26, May 26, 2007 (PDT)

May 24, 2006

The source of the original article for the new Russian True-Orthodox Church (Vyacheslav) says explicitly at the bottom of the page:

Copyright 2002- 2004 by RTOC-MM: DNA & BLAGO
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from BLAGO is prohibited!

So I'd say that's copyright infringement and we can't use that article unless we have explicit permission otherwise. —magda (talk) 20:33, May 24, 2006 (CDT)

See also User talk:Unique#Copyright Concern?

March 30, 2006

A large article was cut and pasted into Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece (Lamian Synod) without reference to permission to republish it. As it is, it presents serious POV issues, but no indication of permission to reprint the article is given. —Fr. Andrew talk contribs (THINK!) 21:00, March 30, 2006 (CST)

December 4, 2005

I noticed this on my Wikipedia talk page today:

 Copyrights problems with Cyril Lucaris at OrthodoxWiki!
 Wikipedia's w:Cyril Lucaris: copied without attribution to Wikipedia source at Cyril_Lucaris      

User:Henry-gb has fixed this up. Let's keep looking for and fixing these pages which have slipped through the crack so that we can be blameless and "have a good defense" in this area. Fr. John

P.S. Actually, there was some attribution on this article. For awhile, I thought it was acceptable to provide attribution in an article's history trail -- pointing backwards in history to previous edits. We've gotten more careful about this, but we weren't conscience-less before either.

November 28, 2005

I just noticed a complaint on Wikipedia that the Wikipedia's article on Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria was copied to wikipedia:Cyril_VI_(Atta)_of_Alexandria&oldid=6786 Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria without attribution on July 2, 2005. Furthermore, the complaint also mentions our license incompatibility (reissuing the content under the CC by-nc-sa 2.0 license).

I believe that we've recently resolved the license incompatibility problem by changing to a dual license and explicitly stating that all content important from Wikipedia (or another source) keeps it's own license and that only edits made at OrthodoxWiki constitute a dual license. I've alerted the contributor to his good-faith error and asked him to make sure to include links to original Wikipedia articles on future imports (where he is not the sole author). I've also put in the appropriate link on the article in question, and made our policies about use of Wikipedia content more explicit. I'm initiating a review process of articles on the wiki to make sure we're as compliant as possible. Please notify us if you believe we are non-compliant in some way. Thank you. --Fr. John 19:18, November 28, 2005 (CST)

September 6, 2005

The text and image are copyrighted on the source site, though not explicitly on the source page. However, there is no copyright information attached to the orthodoxwiki page or the image, so this at least needs to be resolved. —magda (talk) 12:44, 6 Sep 2005 (EDT)

July 7, 2005

It doesn't belong to St Takla's Church site (which is also a Coptic Orthodox Church in the city of Alexandria under our Pope's full rule). Our Coptic Church releases and updates English/Arabic/French/German biographies of our Pope like this one on different occasions (e.g., HH Silver Jubilee in 1996) and these are free to use/distribute, and already in use, abridged or in full, in many sites, not just the site of St Takla Haymanot's Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt, e.g.,: http://icopts.com/new_site/content/view/70/230/ http://icopts.com/new_site/content/view/71/230/

I also wanted to add (under Ecumenical Relations): Report About Relations With the Russian Orthodox Church (http://www.coptic.net/public/news/2001-04-06.txt)

P.S. Coptic literally means Egyptian/of Egypt.