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P.S. Coptic literally means Egyptian/of Egypt.
P.S. Coptic literally means Egyptian/of Egypt.
** Issue resolved.  —[[User:ASDamick|{{User:ASDamick/sig}}]] 14:39, 7 Jul 2005 (EDT)
** Issue resolved.  See article Talk page.  —[[User:ASDamick|{{User:ASDamick/sig}}]] 14:39, 7 Jul 2005 (EDT)

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This page is intended for listing and discussing copyright problems on OrthodoxWiki, including pages and images which are suspected to be in violation.

Possibly violation listings

July 7

It doesn't belong to St Takla's Church site (which is also a Coptic Orthodox Church in the city of Alexandria under our Pope's full rule). Our Coptic Church releases and updates English/Arabic/French/German biographies of our Pope like this one on different occasions (e.g., HH Silver Jubilee in 1996) and these are free to use/distribute, and already in use, abridged or in full, in many sites, not just the site of St Takla Haymanot's Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt, e.g.,: http://icopts.com/new_site/content/view/70/230/ http://icopts.com/new_site/content/view/71/230/

I also wanted to add (under Ecumenical Relations): Report About Relations With the Russian Orthodox Church (http://www.coptic.net/public/news/2001-04-06.txt)

P.S. Coptic literally means Egyptian/of Egypt.