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Welcome! We're glad you're here. OrthodoxWiki was inaugurated in November 2004.

What is OrthodoxWiki? (i.e. what it aspires to)

  • It's a wiki.
  • It's a wiki-community. Personal pages and opinions are welcome as long as they are marked and in the proper place.
  • It's an Orthodox mind-meld.
  • A communal project.
  • It's international in scope
  • It's pan-Orthodox
  • It's an encyclopedia
  • It's an Orthodox knowledge-management system
  • It has many audiences: it's a resource for non-Orthodox as well as Orthodox clergy and laity.
  • It's a discussion forum with attention to the development of documentation to help clarify / articulate some fundamental issues in Church life.

Although OrthodoxWiki contains many links to external sites, it aspires to be much more than a human edited directory. Encyclopedia-like articles are considered a valuable part of this enterprise. The most fundamental aspect of all this is the consolidation of a "knowledge landscape" within Orthodoxy.

OrthodoxWiki shines in the way difficult and/or divisive topics are worked out, articulated in descriptive pro and con formats, complete with an outline of different thinkers and their arguments. A solid descriptive overview of some of these controversies simply does not exist, at least in English. In cases of disagreement, OrthodoxWiki hopes to push its users towards a constructive conversation on polemicized issues which threaten to, and in fact do, divide Orthodox Christians.

What OrthodoxWiki is not

  • It is not a church body.
  • It is not an official voice of Orthodoxy—among other things, this means that official documentation from particular Church officials does not constitute binding editorial policy for OrthodoxWiki.
  • It is not a substitute for your priest or bishop.
  • It is not perfect—OrthodoxWiki is a work in progress. It's also a communal effort, which means that not every member of the community would agree with every statement made in an article. We try hard to weed out anything that is flatly inaccurate or heretical. We press authors to provide sources and document diverging interpretations in a thorough and non-polemical manner. Nevertheless, it is certain that we don't catch or correct everything. If you see that something is lacking, please step in and fix it! You may also simply note your disagreement on the article's discussion page.
  • It is not a battleground—you are free to state your opinions, but do not threaten, harass or intimidate those with whom you have a disagreement. Rather, we encourage everybody to approach matters in an intelligent manner and engage in polite discussion.

(With inspiration from Meta and Wikipedia.)

OrthodoxWiki's bias

Please see: OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Point of View).

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OrthodoxWiki is graciously hosted by Orthodox Internet Services. It uses MediaWiki, one heckuva wiki engine, and is maintained and administered by FrJohn.