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Welcome! We're glad you're here.


OrthodoxWiki was inaugurated in November 2004.

What is OrthodoxWiki? (i.e. what it aspires to)

  1. It's a wiki.
  2. It's a wiki-community. Personal pages and opinions are welcome as long as they are marked and in the proper place.
  3. It's an Orthodox mind-meld.
  4. A communal project.
  5. It's international in scope
  6. It's pan-Orthodox
  7. It's an encyclopedia
  8. It's an Orthodox knowledge-management system
  9. It has many audiences - It's a resource for non-Orthodox as well as Orthodox clergy and laity
  10. It's a discussion forum with attention to the development of documentation to help clarify / articulate some fundamental issues in Church Life.

Although OrthodoxWiki contains many links to external sites, it aspires to be much more than a human edited directory. Encyclopedia-like articles are considered a valuable part of this enterprise. The most fundamental aspect of all this is the consolidation of a "knowledge landscape" within Orthodoxy.

OrthodoxWiki shines in the way difficult and/or divisive topics are worked out, articulated in descriptive pro and con formats, complete with an outline of different thinkers and their arguments. A solid descriptive overview of some of these controversies simply does not exist, at least in English. In cases of disagreement, OrthodoxWiki hopes to push its users towards a constructive conversation on polemicized issues which threaten to, and in fact do, divide Orthodox Christians.

What OrthodoxWiki is not

  • It is not a church body
  • It is not an official voice of Orthodoxy
  • It is not a substitute for your priest or bishop
  • It is not a battleground - You are free to state your opinions, but do not threaten, harass or intimidate those with whom you have a disagreement. Rather, we encourage everybody to approach matters in an intelligent manner and engage in polite discussion.

(With inspiration from Meta and Wikipedia.)

OrthodoxWiki's bias

Please see: OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Point of View).

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OrthodoxWiki is graciously hosted by Orthodox Internet Services. It uses MediaWiki, one heckuva wiki engine, and is maintained and administered by FrJohn.