Olympia the Deaconess

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Saint Olympia, deaconess of Constantinople is commemorated by the Church July 25.

The name 'Olympia'

Olympia is the feminine variant of the Ancient Greek Olympios. There exists a mountain in northern Greece called Olympus, which, according to Ancient Greek mythology was the home of the twelve gods. Olympia was also the name of a plain in the western Peloponnese in the ancient Elis, this also was considered a sacred site for the mythological gods of Ancient Greece.

According to the ancient mythology, these sites were a sanctuary for the god Zeus and the site of the ancient Olympic games.

Born 361

Olympia, was born into a wealthy family with high rank. Her father was, Count Anysios Secondos and her mother's name was Alexandra Seconodos.

Cricial relationships

  • Her uncle the Prefect Procopios.
  • Patriarch Gregory of Constantinople, 329 - 389 AD (aka St Gregory the Theologian).
  • Her governess, Theodosia, the sister of St Amphilochios of Iconium
  • Her husband, the sub-prefect Nevridios.
  • Emperor Theodosios I, the Spaniard
  • Patriarch of Constantinople, Nectarios
  • Patriarch of Constantinople, St John Chrysostom
  • Her niece Olympia – ordained to the diaconate with Olympia.
  • Her handmaidens, Elisantha, Martyria and Palladia – three sisters ordained to diaconate with Olympia.
  • The 50 expelled monks from Nitria during 385-412 AD
  • St Amphilochios, St Epiphanios, St Peter of Sabaste and St Gregory of Nyssa.